About Us

Spitzer Technology Consulting was started in order to provide IT support with a personal touch. We are hyper-geeks that are equally comfortable dismantling severs or pouring over Shutterstock images for your new site. We are able ( and excited ) to meet any project needs. We firmly believe in building solutions for our customers that exceed their expectations and are conscious of their budgets. We provide unsurpassed support to all our customers, enabling them to function at their best. We take pride in using best-in-class hardware and software to ensure that our customers can have stable and worry-free technology.

David Spitzer started Spitzertech to provide exemplary service with consistency as its foundation.After starting at tier one tech support taking phone calls, David stayed in the tech field procuring various skills and advancing through the industry – even participating on builds for large scale networks like ICANN and NANOG.

Upon noticing many service support companies tended toward the impersonal side, David founded Spitzer Technology Consulting to bring back IT with a Personal Touch: good service, with the same team, who customers can trust to anticipate their needs rather than react to their requests.

David Spitzer

Owner/Lead Engineer

Warren Asato


Zach Costigan


Sarah Fuller

Lead Event Engineer

Martin Michaud-Couch


Mikel Miranda


Sean Wynn

Event Engineer

Bondo Spitzer

Canine Engineer


We only partner with people, companies, and brands that we trust.  We take the that trust very seriously, whether it’s making recomendations to our clients, or choosing the tech we use in our very own office. Our list of trust partners is something we stand by.

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