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01 Jan 2019

Smartwatches as Fitness Trackers: Worth the hype?

Smartwatches with heart-rate monitors are becoming more prevalent with every passing year, and many advertise themselves as fitness trackers, but are they worth the investment? Wrist-worn heart-rate monitors measure your pulse by shining light into the blood vessels in your wrist, and then detecting the changes in blood volume that occur each time your heart beats and pushes blood through your body. This way of measuring heart rate becomes increasingly inaccurate when people move around a lot (like when they […]

31 Oct 2018

$1k Smart Glasses

Google took one of the first stabs at the idea of smart-glasses back in 2013 with Google Glass, but the product never really took off. Now, the Amazon-backed startup North – until recently known as Thalmic Labs – is releasing their version of smart glasses with Focals. At $1000, Focals come in well under Google Glass’ introductory $1500 price-point, but will they have more success than the tech giant did? North has raised around $140 million in funding from investors […]