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08 Jan 2019

Cashierless Shopping

With the introduction of online shopping, many brick-and-mortar retailers have noticed a decline in sales – primarily because if the same product can be ordered, and the need isn’t immediate, many would rather pay a minimal fee than wait in line. However, many retailers are now implementing programs or apps that allow for cashier-less checkout – simply grab whats needed and go! Amazon is leading the shift towards more innovative physical locations with their offset Amazon Go. As described on their […]

01 Jan 2019

Smartwatches as Fitness Trackers: Worth the hype?

Smartwatches with heart-rate monitors are becoming more prevalent with every passing year, and many advertise themselves as fitness trackers, but are they worth the investment? Wrist-worn heart-rate monitors measure your pulse by shining light into the blood vessels in your wrist, and then detecting the changes in blood volume that occur each time your heart beats and pushes blood through your body. This way of measuring heart rate becomes increasingly inaccurate when people move around a lot (like when they […]