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27 Dec 2018

Google Employees Release Statement Condemning Dragonfly

On Tuesday, more than 200 Google employees spoke out against their employer in an open letter that urged the company to drop Project Dragonfly: a censored search engine designed for the Chinese government that enables state surveillance. “Our opposition to Dragonfly is not about China: we object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable, wherever they may be,” employees write in “Google Employees Against Dragonfly” – a letter published on Medium. The letter also states that employees have […]

21 Dec 2018

Autonomous Vehicles: Congress’s last push for legislation before year’s end

An autonomous car is a vehicle that can guide itself without human conduction – this kind of vehicle has become a concrete reality in recent years and may pave the way for future vehicles driven by computers. By one count, around 46 companies are piloting autonomous vehicles in cities across the country and the world. U.S.News reports, “Fifty percent of large American cities are now exploring how to integrate self-driving vehicles into their long-range transportation plans – up from under […]