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31 Oct 2018

$1k Smart Glasses

Google took one of the first stabs at the idea of smart-glasses back in 2013 with Google Glass, but the product never really took off. Now, the Amazon-backed startup North – until recently known as Thalmic Labs – is releasing their version of smart glasses with Focals. At $1000, Focals come in well under Google Glass’ introductory $1500 price-point, but will they have more success than the tech giant did? North has raised around $140 million in funding from investors […]

31 Oct 2018

2018 Top Smartphone Breakdown

The Smartphone market is booming once again with six competitors releasing new devices this 2018 calendar year. Industry leader Google released the Google Pixel 3 variations shortly after Samsung and Apple put their equally highly anticipated Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XR/XS models into circulation. We’ve also seen some smaller companies release competitive devices in this bracket, like Huawei’s P20 Pro. Google Pixel 3 Google’s new Pixel 3 has a bezel-free 5.5in OLED panel with a resolution of 2220×1080 pixels. […]

05 Oct 2018

Buying A New Computer Part One: The Basics

  The idea of buying a new computer can be mystifying to some – how much ram do I need, what about a video card, hard drive space?  This post will help demystify this task by breaking down the process of buying a computer into easy, bite-sized chunks that should leave you confident in your ability to purchase a new computer that meets all your needs and doesn’t exceed your budget! Most people who head out to buy a computer […]