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22 Feb 2018

NANOG 72 Atlanta

Another fantastic event with NANOG!   The Loews Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia was the venue this time around and it was a beautiful hotel.  Thank you!  Everyone at Linespeed, Kaskadian, and Clarity were amazing as always.  I will post some links to videos for some of the talks that happened during this NANOG soon. The NANOG Program Committee also put on a Hackathon which took place Sunday, February 18, 2018.  During the Hackathon, participants were able to develop hacks which prototype innovations around […]

10 Feb 2018

A Successful trip to Sun River

The wonderful guys over at Cannabis Nation are opening a new location in Sun River, Oregon, and I deployed the new location.  You can see from one of the pictures we really had to unpack A TON of brand new shiny hardware and get it deployed.  With  a little elbow grease we got through all of it, top to bottom.  Brand new workstations, security cameras, redundant data storage, and all the little updates and tweaks in between. Thanks to Matt […]